Life Happens!

Some of our loyal readers may have been asking themselves where the heck the four dogs family has been for the last few months!  Well, as it is prone to do, life decided to throw us a gnarly curveball just before Thanksgiving that really tested our resolve as a family. Around the end of October,… Read more

It only Takes one Second

I've worked with a lot of dogs since we started to really get into the foster/rescue arena.  Dogs of all shapes, temperaments, and energy levels.  Through that experience, I have learned that bad things can happen faster than it takes a lightning bolt to hit the ground and I approach my responsibilites to my dogs… Read more

Foster Puppies vs. The Flirt Pole

One of the best parts of fostering puppies is playing with them.  Everyone knows that puppies are unbelievably cute, funny, and, did I mention cute?? But these guys and gals really drive the point home with their antics. I especially enjoy watching Yukon Cornelius(the runt with the funny ears) attempting to play tug with his… Read more

Foster Update: Alice

Our former foster, Alice, sticks out in my mind because she was such an energetic, happy dog right from the get go.  She was one of the very first mama dogs that accepted me around her babies without having to earn it! This, in and of itself, made her very special to me.  It gets… Read more

Look Under our Christmas Tree!

  The miracle puppies are approaching their 7th week!  These girls and boys have been such an amazing litter, full of vigor and life, cuteness and goofyness. They are also available for pre-adoption! So, if you live in Florida, let us know! We will happily provide all the information you need to find out if… Read more

Mulchy McCinnabon(New Foster)

Taking in a hard-luck foster around the holidays has become a tradition over the last few years.  So when K2 and the director of Rugaz went to "run errands" the day before Thanksgiving, I knew we would be welcoming another dog into the house before the day was out. A few hours later I got… Read more