We have names!

In a totally absurd decision, our readers voted for a Christmas movie theme for our newest foster family.  (I've demanded a recount, but I still lost).  After getting everyone's sexes and markings lined up in the video below(I messed up and counted one of the girls twice, if anyone is keeping score)   we… Read more
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Mars Petcare and WALTHAM Host Symposium in Chicago Oct. 18-21

Experts Convene to Address Unique Science Behind Pet Nutrition and Behavior CREDIT: Mars Petcare This week, the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition, part of Mars, Incorporated, and a leading scientific authority and research center for the nutrition and health of companion animals, will bring together hundreds of global thought leaders in pet nutrition at its WALTHAM™ International… Read more

13 Common Items that Could Kill your Pet(and are probably in Your Kitchen)

They say knowledge is power.  This is especially true when we are "dog-proofing" our homes.  Sometimes, products, that are perfectly safe for human consumption, can cause extreme illness or even death in our canine companions.  The 13 products below(including some peanut butters) are specifically targeted as the most dangerous by the American Veterinary Medical Association … Read more

Meet the new Foster Family

Our Mama dog had a bit of a stomach ache overnight and ended up spitting up on her blanket.  This happens from time to time and isn't a big deal.  But, it is difficult to change out bedding when she doesn't trust us yet!  It's doubly difficult when we have to accomplish the task AND… Read more

Could you learn to Trust again?

By: K2 Have you ever had to teach someone what love and trust are? Last night we rescued another family of dogs, a momma and her 7 less than 1-week old babies. She was stressed out and concerned for her babies. After last night and all day today of multiple peanut butter treats and quick… Read more
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