Every day is an Adventure #8

Overwhelmed. The universe is conspiring against me lately, and I am not holding up to the scrutiny.   It’s not so much the fosters that are wearing me down, though, it is my rededication to the fitness and health of our crew.  I belong to a facebook group that deals in canine fitness and a […]

Boo’s Action Shoot

Sometimes the stars align and I get good light, my phone cooperates, and I get some good action shots of my crew doing what they do best. We had a really nice morning today, lots of sunshine and clear skies, so I decided to give a mini photo shoot a try.  It turned out really […]

Toad Poisoning

As I was straightening the yard today I noticed Sully behaving like he had something abnormal cornered by our window.  He constantly chases lizards around the yard but he never whines at them, which he was doing this time.  I gave him the leave it command so that I could see what he had.  To […]

Sale Alert!

One of my favorite websites for pet related, environmentally friendly, effective, and all around great products sent me an email this morning to let me know they are having a sale! More importantly(in my opinion) they are also planting a tree for every order placed this week in honor of Earth day.  The two things I […]


This post was originally going to be a review of a netflix documentary I happened upon last night called “Death Row Dogs”.  I figured it would be a good opportunity to discuss bully breed specific legislation, some misconceptions the general public holds about these breeds, and how the media has shaped these opinions with inflammatory […]