The #4dogsgetfit challenge

Early in March, I was forced to accept that every member of the 4dogs crew was overweight. I made a decision that this was an unacceptable state of affairs and I committed to getting all four dogs to our goal of 20% bodyfat. I used the caloric calculator on to give myself a general […]

So your dog has swimmer’s ear…got honey?

Summertime is the best time!  Cookouts, trips to the beach, swimming with our 4-legged best friends, the warm weather just begs us to be outside and enjoy life to the fullest! Unfortunately partaking in the joy that is water in the summertime can sometime lead to a common ear infection in dog’s known as swimmer’s […]

Johnny Depp

Yesterday, circumstances necessitated that our foster network had to reshuffle some of the dogs to account for some human injuries.  As a result, Mr. Johnny Depp himself is now under our roof and looking handsome as ever!(JK!) As per usual, he already got his Bravecto treatment for the mange which, thankfully, tends to work within […]

Happy Gotcha Day Sully Boy

  My old man is 3 years old today! He is such an amazing companion, I find it hard to put into words how much he means to me.  The closest I’ve heard I’ve heard anyone come to doing so is when they use the phrase “once in a lifetime” dog.  He is my best […]

Fatal canine distemper virus infection of giant pandas in China

“We report an outbreak of canine distemper virus (CDV) infection among endangered giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). Five of six CDV infected giant pandas died. The surviving giant panda was previously vaccinated against CDV. Genomic sequencing of CDV isolated from one of the infected pandas (giant panda/SX/2014) suggests it belongs to the Asia-1 cluster. The hemagglutinin […]

Scientists work to replace traditional Spay/Neuter with sterilization using RNA manipulation at the genetic level.

Researchers are developing a non-surgical alternative to traditional spay and neuter by manipulating the “switches” that regulate how cells grow and mature in the sexual organs of dogs and cats. Cliff notes:(More information w/author interview) This method aims to eliminate many of the risks that have been found with traditional sterilization methods by avoiding the surgical […]