Study finds that English Bulldog Breed health issues will be difficult to improve

Credit: Niels C. Pedersen, Ashley S. Pooch and Hongwei Liu The English bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in the world because of its child-like appearance and demeanor. The alterations in body type and behavior needed to create the breed have required physical changes well beyond its village dog ancestors. These changes have occurred over hundreds of years but have […]

Study links specific genes to dog’s ability to Interact with humans

By: Karin Söderlund Leifler The social ability of dogs is affected by genes that also appear to influence human behaviour, according to a new study by scientists at Linköping University in Sweden. The scientists found a relationship where five different genes influence dogs’ ability to interact with humans. Four of them are also related to […]

Montreal enacts Breed Specific Legislation

Once again, a city has voted to enact breed specific legislation that restricts current “pit-bull type” dogs and outlaws the ownership of new ones.  It is utterly infuriating on many levels for those of us who work with these “type” of dogs on a regular basis.  But rather than belt out a profanity-laced, emotional post about […]

The 4 ways dogs Learn

As I was walking the little lady to school this morning, I had a brief panic attack when I couldn’t remember whether or not I locked the sliding glass door into the backyard.  This has only recently become an issue because Sully is tall enough to slide the door open!  This wouldn’t be bad in […]