Mulchy McCinnabon(New Foster)

Taking in a hard-luck foster around the holidays has become a tradition over the last few years.  So when K2 and the director of Rugaz went to “run errands” the day before Thanksgiving, I knew we would be welcoming another dog into the house before the day was out. A few hours later I got […]

Puppy Playtime (Video)

In the mornings, we usually have to make sure the puppies, their area, etc are all “un-grossed” before they can get in their pool for the day.  If you already didn’t know, puppies have the ability to generate extreme yuckiness in a very short span of time! This ritual was interrupted yesterday because I decided to […]

Sully’s Food Switch! #webelieveinNB

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance® and the BlogPaws® Professional Pet Blogger Network™. I am being compensated for helping to share our thoughts about why we believe in Natural Balance as a quality food for our dog, only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Natural Balance Pet Foods is not responsible […]

Former Foster Update-Genny

Every foster dog that we have had up to now(~150ish) has been hard to let go.  It comes with the territory when the only was you know how to foster is to love the crap out of the dog. But sometimes, out of necessity, we form really deep, special bonds with some of them.  Genny […]


Right around five weeks of age, the personalities of puppies really start to shine.  They become the quintessential “puppies” that we all think of when we hear the word. They become rambunctious, playful, curious and, as foster parents, we get to be a part of all that cuteness!  Fortunately, with technology being so accessible these […]