Same video, but with sound. My goal is to illustrate how, without context, Elsa sounds like she’s on the verge of a murderous meltdown. But, because we’ve watched without sound first, we can see that this is very healthy play(Elsa is disengaging after the initial play bite, not “picking on” cookie or bullying, and not being overly rough.) even though Elsa sounds that way. Cece is also just like this, with the visceral growling, when she plays with the tire swing(and also why I know what I’m seeing here). It’s so important to consider the entire context of a behavior before deciding what it means!

Time for some fun with doggy #bodylanguage Here we have Elsa(white w/spots), Cookie(brown), and Robin(grey) I’ve intentionally muted the video to see what everyone thinks about what we are seeing here. Comment with any thoughts. And, because that made me think of the following, this is a judgment-free account. I’ve noticed that we’ve had an influx of negativity lately and I won’t have it. Judgemental and/or negative comments will be deleted without warning.