The #4dogsgetfit challenge

coralEarly in March, I was forced to accept that every member of the 4dogs crew was overweight. I made a decision that this was an unacceptable state of affairs and I committed to getting all four dogs to our goal of 20% bodyfat. I used the caloric calculator on to give myself a general idea of how much the dogs should be getting on a daily basis and, like many other dog owners, I was feeding them way too much! Even with a very active lifestyle, they were just eating way too many calories to be at a healthy weight.

We are now a little over 3 months into our journey and I couldn’t be more proud of my crew! Boo has hit a speed bump due to her heat that just passed(and the fact that she got into a tub of butter and bagels yesterday) but the other three are all right on track!



Here is a picture of Sully in March and a video I took of him earlier today.


Then we have Mama Coral and Cece showing off their new found fitness 🙂

We still have a ways to go for everyone to hit their goals, but I already see a huge improvement in their energy levels and general happiness!