The morning routine

The only reason I can function in the morning!
The only reason I can function in the morning!

Our morning routine is insane! I happened to finish up while I was walking past our living room clock this AM. I also happened to be looking at the time that K2 texted me this morning. I realized that the routine takes us almost TWO HOURS!


I shouldn’t be surprised though, we are at our carrying capacity for dogs at the moment. We have Mama Irelyn in, what used to be, our dining room. Mama Alice and her gaggle of pups are upstairs in the guest bedroom, and Emmett is in our Mastiff kennel. At last count, that is 13 four legged extended family members!


Fortunately the rescue provides us with food for all these mouths! We have re-purposed a huge Tupperware container to hold everyone’s food. One of my pet peeves about my dogs is that they follow me around to every stop in the feeding rotation, knowing full well—after hundreds of feedings–, that theirs is at the end…looking at you Boo and Sully.


Mama Irelyn is on week 3 of her heart worm treatment. Her care requires full, 24 hours a day, crate rest. Which also means that potty breaks happen a few feet from the space in which she relaxes. So after feeding time, we transition to cleaning time. We spend a lot of time out in the yard during the day so it is inevitable that 4 dogs will track in a healthy amount of dirt, sand, hay, grass, and other stuff throughout the day. I have resigned myself to using a leaf blower in lieu of a broom to wrangle the layer of dust, dirt, and hair that invades our home on a daily basis! The cleaning process is the real time consumer of our mornings, it usually takes me around an hour to get it all done.


The little lady also requires breakfast and regardless of her pleas, macaroni and cheese is not, and will never be, a breakfast food. Ice cream is also not something healthy people eat in the morning. The conversations usually go like this:


Me: “What do you want for breakfast love?”


LL: “Mac and cheese!”


Me: “Big girls don’t eat Mac n cheese for breakfast”


LL: “Why”


Me: “Cause little girls do”


LL: “Why”


Me: “Cause little girls are silly and big girls are smart, are you a big girl or a little girl?”


LL: “I’m a big girl”


Me: “Cool then oatmeal sounds good?”


LL: “How bout Ice cream??”




It is entertaining to watch her wheels spin trying to figure out a way to talk me into ice cream, or popsicles, or whatever other junk food she can think of that she may want at that moment.


The last part of our routine is the morning fitness regiment in the backyard. LL does her leg lifts hanging from the makeshift pull up bar we made(she can do more than me already!). While the crew runs around playing with each other, their spring pole, rolling around in the hay, etc. We usually spend a good amount of time outside in the morning so that everyone gets in a good workout.


All in all its a long process, but one that I enjoy. How does your morning look compared to ours?

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  1. Nice to know that we’re not the only family with over a dozen dogs /foster dogs living with us!

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