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Puppy Approved!
Puppy Approved!

There are a few companies that get it.  They go above and beyond in maintaining sustainable, Eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, business practices. These companies are the pioneers of industry that lead the way for others in the preservation of our planet for many generations to come.


We have a special place in our hearts for those companies that employ this business model in our industry. There is no doubt that the leader in the sustainable, Eco-friendly subsection of the pet industry is Only Natural Pet®. The company was founded in 2004 in Colorado with a mission to provide  the most effective and sustainable natural pet products for every facet of a pet’s life. As a result, all of their pet products are made in the USA.

So they talk the talk, but do they walk the walk?

The litmus test for companies that make their home in the pet industry resides squarely in the ingredients that go into each product. This is where Only Natural Pet stands out from the crowd. As an example, one of the most difficult products to purchase for environmentally conscious pet owners, that also want a product without harsh chemicals, and that is actually effective, are pet stain and odor removers/cleaners.

The usual suspects in the arena of household cleaning products are filled with carcinogenic chemicals, harsh additives, and caustic cleaning agents. When Only Natural Pet provided us with a sample of their Only Natural Pet Stain and Odor remover the first thing I did was flip over the bottle to check the ingredient label. I was very pleased with what I found.  There are no chemical agents that could be harmful to our pets, the all natural formula is safe for puppies and adult dogs alike, there is no bleach, ammonia, etc that are poisonous to people and dogs….So far, So good.

If you are like me, it doesn’t really matter if the product meets the sustainable, all natural, non-toxic, criteria if it isn’t effective, right?


This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™ to help spread the word aboutOnly Natural Pet, but [YOUR BLOG NAME] only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.


Well, I had the best testers currently in existence right at the stop of our stairs! We have six 4 ½ week old foster puppies and their mama in our guest bedroom. Puppies are notoriously filthy and require their space to be constantly cleaned.  If there is a worst case scenario for a pet cleaner, it’s them!

That room has been home to 4 separate moms and their pups so far this year. While we do our best to keep it clean, it always develops a “puppy” smell after a couple of weeks. When we used the Pet Stain & Odor remover for the daily cleaning of the puppy room,  I was impressed with a nontoxic, pet-safe, nonchemical cleaner being able to handle “puppy bomb” mess. What I didn’t expect was that when I checked on them an hour or so later, the smell had all but disappeared!

One of my other tried and true, barometers of pet companies are their treats. I find that this particular product category is where many of the big brand companies will drop the ball completely. Checking out the ingredients and/or quality of treats and bones is a fantastic way to assess a pet company’s commitment to pet health and safety.

Naturally this was exactly what I did. Yet again, I was extremely happy with what I found. The very first product under the treats tab on had FOUR ingredients(Bison, Cane Molasses, Sea Salt, Mixed Tocopherols). That is an amazing achievement in today’s preservative/additive driven world!


But, alas, would the discerning palates of the crew approve of these Venison Jerky Strips?


"Give us more jerky treats!!!"
“Give us more jerky treats!!!”


I believe that is a resounding yes!

For more information about Only Natural Pet and their product lines I recommend visit their Only Natural Pet Holistic Healthcare Library

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