The War Against the Poo

One of the staples of fostering puppies is their willy nilly, anywhere, anytime the mood strikes approach to pooping. I often find myself in awe of how so much skat can come from such a little ball of fluff.

You would think that the output would stay pretty consistent as you add more puppies, it certainly doesn’t seem that way. At 2 puppies the word “poopocalypse” starts being thrown around in our house, after 3 or more its “Poopageddon” and anyone with half a brain would head for the hills.

The trick with fighting the skat battle is vigilance, as long as the piles get picked up before the puppies decided to roll around in it, things are relatively safe. This isn’t too tough, as long as someone checks on the pups every 20 minutes or so, we can usually catch any deposits pretty quickly.

There is one caveat to this story…nighttime! Regardless of any precautions that are taken, there is a nuclear poopsplosion to tackle in the morning. I’ve developed a tried and true method for our tile floors that I thought might be of some benefit to our readers:

  1. Make absolutely sure that there is a large area(relative to where the puppies are sleeping) that they can use for their business.  We use big xpens in our living room or bedroom.
  2. Get a pooper scooper like this. Having the trigger handle that opens the bucket at the end is, by far, my preferred design because it’s tough and allows for twisting to get tough piles out of grass.

  3. Use the scooper to get the “big stuff” and dispose of it accordingly

  4. I suggest using this type of mop. We have gone through at least 5 mops that I can think of, this is by far the best one.  It’s easy to clean and the microfiber thingamabob works really well for these type of messes

  5. With a mop that hasn’t been rung out, clean anything that will come up.  Puppy skat has a special property so that when it drys trying to clean it is like trying to get white off of rice.  Anything that remains stubborn after a few swipes of the mop I will leave for 5 minutes with the excess water still on the mess.  I know this seems a bit gross but letting the water rehydrate the dried poo poo saves me  a LOT of muscle aches in the long run.

  6. Re-mop after waiting 5 minutes and repeat until all of the mess is cleaned up.  If its possible to relocate the puppies for about 20 minutes, I suggest using a gentle multipurpose cleaner to keep germs at bay and bringing them back after it dries.

If you are dealing with carpeting:

    1. Get a large tarp like this one. If my memory serves me correctly, I think we purchased the one we use in our carpeted room upstairs at our local walmart
    2. In the mornings, roll up the tarp with the mess inside, take it outside and use a hose to clean it off.   Make sure that after the tarp is clean it is dry before putting the babies back onto it.

In some cases we have to crate the puppies(after surgery, if they are sick, etc). For those pups we use small blankets inside the crate that we then take outside and clean off daily.


I hope this helps you to deal with some of your poo poo woes!!  Let us know if there are any other tricks of the trade that you use that will help us to fight the never ending battle against the poop!