Every Day is an Adventure 16

2016-06-11 10.19.36-4
I’m loud, annoying, and, most of all, PROUD OF IT!!!

Many of you have watched the Ninja Turtle foster pups grow and flourish since they have been under our charge.  I am here to tell you that they have officially made the transition from a cute bunch of furballs to blood curdling, screeching banshees from the far-away place named makemewanttopullmyhairout land!

I kid, but they have reached a stage in their development where I am absolutely ready for them to find their forever homes.  I relocated them to our upstairs bedroom so that I could have, at least, a tiny bit of peace in the mornings while drinking my coffee.

We also have two medical fosters that came to us over the last few days.  One is this sweet, adorable, loving, 12-week old puppy named Selma(full name-Selma Hayek).  The other is a bundle of adorable energy and vibrancy, Penelope(full name-Penelope Cruz).  I have no idea why we named them after those actresses, most of the time I get no say in such decisions!

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It is truly amazing to me how effective Bravecto is at treating mange. Penelope got her’s before she came to us a little under a week ago, and her scabs are almost completely gone.  Selma got hers the day before yesterday and I can already see the mange looking less “aggressive”.  I’m not 100% sure how the Bravecto works so well and so fast, but I would highly recommend it for flea/tick and any problems with mange.  One caveat to that is Bravecto for mange is an “off label” use so, if you are dealing with a case of mange, it may be something you have to bring up with your vet.  I have a study that showed the efficacy and safety of the treatment for mange, so if you are having problems convincing your vet, send us a message and I will send whatever resources I have to help out.

Little Lady’s Recital

On a non-dog related note, the Little Lady had her, end of season, dance recital finale show over the weekend!  While a bit long for my taste(3 1/2 hrs sitting still is not an activity that appeals to me) it was worth it to watch my little one up there. She is so stinkin cute and I was so proud of how well she listened.  It was adorable!