Behind the Fosters-The Thanksgiving litter

These foster puppies came to us with the worst-case ringworm I’ve ever seen. It was so bad, we were forced us to give them sulfur dips, which smelled like rotten eggs and are completely awful. We felt so bad after giving them the dips that we had to snuggle them.  I think it was like peroxide on a cut and was very uncomfortable for the babies.

But, after a few weeks, the ringworm started to get better and the puppies started to blossom into real, happy, curious, normal puppies. I took them out in the yard and had a lot of fun with them playing around, getting them used different smells, and letting them interact with our permanent crew

Foster puppies always give me a good laugh over their time here and Abby, the brown and white dog, only added to the fun with her adoration of them. She is probably featured more than any other dog in this video because she was constantly playing with a puppy.

I think this was, at least, five or six litters of foster puppies this year(i dont know, maybe way more).  We have decided not to get another litter before the new year as we are all a bit burnt out, but we do have hapi still and all of our beautiful permanent crew members.  They give me plenty of opportunity for great video, so be sure to check back often!

Source: The Thanksgiving ringworm puppies by 4dogsandalittlelady on Rumble