Boo Boo getting furminated!

One of the complaints I hear most often from dog owner’s is the amount of shedding that many breeds are capable of and how much of a pain it is to clean up.  Fortunately only one of our dogs, Boo, is a shedder.  Unfortunately she sheds enough to make up for the other 3 combined.

Boo Boo the shed monster
Boo Boo the shed monster

On a visit to Michigan to be with K2’s family for the holidays last year, her mom was using a furminator on their 100+ lb lab mix.  He put Boo’s shedding prowess to shame!  But after using the furminator, he was suddenly not shedding at all.  I had heard about the furminator before, but seeing it in use and how effective it was with my own eyes had me sold.

I only ever use it after she gets a bath.  For some reason, after she gets wet, her undercoat sheds like it’s going out of style.  Since today was bath day, I decided to show off the furminator for our readers!

There are a bunch of different kinds of furminator depending on what kind of dog you have and what kind of coat it has, the following link shows the whole lot as listed on  If you decide to invest in one of these, please let us know how it works for you! Furminator on Amazon