Bravecto shown to cure Sarcoptic mange(study)

Bravecto was responsible for this incredible recovery
Bravecto was responsible for this incredible recovery

We have been aware of Bravecto’s amazing ability to cure the cases of demodectic mange that we take into our home for quite some time.   There have been at least a dozen dogs(4 currently) that have come through our doors, received the treatment, and made a full recovery.

But new research out of the Journal Parasites and Vectors has shown that Fluralaner(the active ingredient in Bravecto) is equally effective in eradicating sarcoptic mites as well.

This is a good synopsis of the differences between sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange, but, for brevity’s sake, the two infections are caused by two different mites.  Sarcoptic mange is contagious and Demodectic mange is not.

This new research focused on privately-owned dogs that had become naturally infested with the S. scabiei mites.  The scientists then enrolled the dogs into 1 of 3 groups.  The first was treated with oral Bravecto, the second with topical Bravecto, and the third was a negative control group.Deep skin scrapings and symptoms were recorded at the outset of the study and again at the 4-week mark.

The authors found that there was a 100% reduction in mite counts at the 4-week point for both the oral and topical experimental groups.

Magnified Sarcoptic mange mite.
Magnified Sarcoptic mange mite.

Although the clinical symptoms of the infection showed improvement, the dogs still showed many of the same symptoms even though the mites were decimated.

The researchers conclude that Fluralaner “eliminates Sarcoptes scabiei var. canis mites and improves clinical signs over a 4-week observation period”

It is also worth mentioning that no adverse side effects of treatment were noted in the study.


If you are like us, more information is always better than less! That’s why we compiled a list of other blog posts for you to really figure out if BRAVECTO is right for your dog!