What’s in a Scoop-Week 2


In the second installment of our weekly series “What’s in a scoop”, we are going to have a look at Amazon’s 4th through 6th ranked bestselling dog food‘s and find out how they measure up.

The rankings have changed a bit this week.  Diamond Naturals Beef Formula has dropped from the 3rd spot to number 6.  Considering this was our least healthy in the top 3, we can’t say we aren’t happy to see that! But on to the list…

The number 3 spot on the list was taken over by:

Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food

1st ingredient-Chicken, a named protein source, +1

2nd ingredient- Whole Grain Wheat, a named, whole, grain +1, but it is a grain none-the-less so -.5

3rd Ingredient-Brewer’s rice are the leftover’s of larger kernel milled rice, while technically not a “bad” ingredient, it is a filler and provides very little value to the food.  In addition to that, brewer’s rice is not a whole grain.  This is a very poor entry into the first 5 ingredients of this dog food, -1

4th Ingredient-Whole grain Sorghum, another grain!  While sorghum may have a bit more nutritional value than brewer’s rice, it is still not providing nutrition at the level that the first 5 ingredients in a dog food should.  There is some protein content to sorghum grain, but protein sources for carniverous dogs should be meat, not grain, -1

5th Ingredient-Corn Gluten meal-This is what is left over after whole grains are processed and washed of their carbohydrate content.  It is used as a protein in dog food and is a really poor source for it.  -1

Our overall score for this food is -1.  4 out of the first 5 ingredients are grains and/or fillers.  I would not recommend this food as a healthy option for your dog.

The number 4 entry on Amazon’s Bestselling dog foods is:

Purina Pro Plan Savor Dry Dog Food

1st Ingredient-Chicken, a named protein source, +1

2nd Ingredient- Brewer’s rice, another grain entry, we covered Brewer’s rice above, so we won’t go into it again. -1

3rd Ingredient-Whole Grain Wheat, a named, whole grain, while I’m not a fan of grains in dog food, this is a good one to have if we must.  +1

4th Ingredient-Poultry By-Product meal, a non-named, by product, source of protein.  This will be our first score of -2 for any ingredient thus far.  This could, literally, be any bird source, in addition to being a by product! -2

5th Ingredient-Soybean Meal,this is another plant based protein substitute used to cut the costs of using animal based proteins.  It is also grain based. -1

Our overall score for this food is -2.  While we have 3/5 ingredients that are protein souces, they are not quality sources.  I would not recommend this food as a healthy option for your dog.

The 6th spot(Diamond Naturals fell to #5 this week) on Amazon’s List is:

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

1st Ingredient-Deboned Turkey, a named protein source, having the turkey deboned first allows for the actual meat content of the ingredient to be higher than what it would have normally.  +1

2nd Ingredient-Turkey Meal, a named “meal” protein source, +1

3rd Ingredient-Chicken Meal, a named “meal” protein source +1

4th Ingredient- Peas, this is a whole, named ingredient that is a fiber source and has some protein value as well.  While it does contain high amounts of insoluble fiber, it is still a decent ingredient.  +.5

5th Ingredient-Potatoes, same as above, a carbohydrate source that is named.  +.5

Our overall score for this food is a 4.  The first 3 ingredients are all named, animal based, protein sources, with the next two being decent, whole, carbohydrate/fiber sources.  I would recommend this food as a healthy option for your dog!