Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide’s

Source: Bully Sticks versus Rawhides by 4dogsandalittlelady on Rumble

OnlyNaturalPet.com provided us with these Bully Sticks in exchange for our honest opinion. The contents of this video and the following article are 100% my own words and opinion.

Growing up, we always thought we were doing our dogs a solid by giving them rawhides.  They loved those things and stayed occupied with them for long periods of time.

Little did we know then, rawhides are the canine equivalent of a Big Mac smothered in chocolate gravy!  They also pose some other risks and, fortunately, we have avoided the serious problems that such an unhealthy treat poses. But as we have grown as dog owners, our family has searched high and low for a healthier option that still had the same “staying power” as a rawhide because, as mentioned before, the dogs really enjoy them.

Our dogs, and bully breeds in general, can probably, and I’m only half joking, chew through cold-rolled Pennsylvania steel given enough time and a good enough reason. So a potential candidate for a chew has to give our dogs enough fun, a.k.a chewing time, for its cost. I didn’t think that they would be but these two simple requirements are surprisingly difficult to meet in one product.

Fortunately, we found Only Natural Pet Bully Sticks (ONP Bully sticks) –affiliate link- and, well, I believe the video speaks for itself. They are healthy, tough, and the dogs go crazy for them. Another great aspect of these bully sticks is their price point. They are very inexpensive for how long they last and a single pack of 5 could easily last a dog a month! Onlynaturalpet.com also provides an auto-delivery option so that our pups never have to go without(even if you’re as absent-minded as me).

All in all, these particular bully sticks earn my stamp of approval.  As a bonus, ONP uses carbon-neutral shipping!

10 thoughts to “Bully Sticks vs. Rawhide’s”

  1. Wow what a great product. I can really appreciate the video and the research behind these BullySticks. I’ll be sharing this on social for my dog lovers out there. Thanks!

  2. I’ve been searching for a rawhide alternative, but all the bully sticks we’ve tried my lab chews up in seconds! And at $3-$5 each it’s crazy. I’m going to have to try these and see if they hold up to his power chewing 🙂

  3. Love the video, great way to get the message across. We have never given our dogs rawhide, in fact, we try very hard not to give anything to our dogs that is made in China, all our treats are natural and made in the UK. These bully sticks look great, we are always looking for chews that last longer than 5 minutes! haha

  4. They sound awesome, Layla I think once only received a rawhide till I heard how bad they were for her and never again but bully sticks are another story, she loves them and chews for a bit and then buries them. I have a box full of half chewed bully sticks and as long as they keep her busy I am happy. She has even hidden one in my pillow case and I nearly knocked myself out LOL. Will check into this product as I am always looking for new brands.

  5. I’ll have to order some of these for my dog, Soldier. Chewing on something like the bully sticks is a great calming ritual for him when he is stressed, so I always like to keep things on hand for him.

  6. Love the video the dogs are beyond cute! I imagine you must be so excited to find something natural that will actually keep them busy even for a short while. I would never feed my dogs rawhide because of the risks of splintering… yet I’m always amazed by the aisles filled with the stuff despite so much bad press. Thanks for presenting a much better alternative.

  7. I’ve never given my dogs rawhide because of their delicate stomachs (rescue dogs). Bully sticks are like crack for my dogs. Highest possible value to them both, so I use them when in an emergency- say if Gonzo gets out and takes off.

  8. Bernie and Lizzie McSquare love Only Natural Pet! They know exactly where I keep the bags and anytime I go near them, they come running! Bernie loves the bully sticks, braids, and twists. I kind of think he loves the twists the most. Lizzie is still gnawing away on some softer steer sticks I got for her.

  9. Gusto loves his bully sticks. He goes through quite a few of them. Chewing on them keeps him from chewing on things he shouldn’t have in his mouth…like stuff I consider mine…lol

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