Nail Trimming

These are the most amazing tool ever! Once the dogs get used to having there nails clipped its these all the way. It gives superior control of how much nail is being removed, allowing me to avoid the quick, and, because our dogs are so large, they make thick nails that would give normal clippers […]

Mama Irelyn meets the crew

This is the first introduction between Mama Irelyn and the members of the crew. The meeting went really well! There was a little bit of growling near the end but I think that was just because Irelyn started to get a little overwhelmed. I’m so proud of how well my guys/girls are able to handle […]

Do you know how to dougie??

Dougie was special from the get go.  He came to us fresh off of an amputation surgery.  He had escaped from his owner and, in what I can only imagine was a horrific accident, a car hit him after he ran out into the road.  Unfortunately his owner did not have the means to provide […]

Darby Update

Day 3.  Last night I gave Darby doo a bath in Oxiderm +PS shampoo This helps with itch relief, as well as getting rid of the scabbing that is, quite literally, all over this poor boy’s body. What a difference just the one bath has already made!  This first picture is him yesterday pre-medicated bath […]

What a Morning!

This morning, in a half asleep stupor, I agreed to take care of the upstair’s doggy morning duties because K2(how I will be referring to my girlfriend from now on) was running late.  “Not a big deal” I thought, we help each other out around this joint! Well, I forgot to follow my own advice […]