As some of you may know, there was some data analysis published recently from a respected academic, Stanley Coren Ph. D.  The analysis suggested that our dogs do not like to be hugged.  This was widely disseminated by the media as a fact-based observation, which it was not, it was, actually, a very subjective undertaking. […]

He’s finally home!

After what seems like forever, my darby boy is finally home with a clean bill of health!  The intestinal infection that nearly took his life ended up claiming almost 3 feet of his guts, but he is happy, healthy, and looking forward to a full recovery.  I can’t thank everyone who supported him through this […]

Wonderland Litter meets the world

The pups are at that age when we bring them downstairs and begin to socialize them with our crew.  Since we were doing housecleaning today anyway, I made their area.  It’s always adorable to watch a group of puppies, who have never known anything but a small room, experience the world for the first time. […]

The Nail Polish Challenge

The little lady is something of an artist.  Who am I to allow my man card to get in the was of the expression of her gifts? No one, that’s who! Of course, I’m always game to strengthen our bond together, plus it’s always a good time when she gets it in her head that my nails […]

Computer assisted dog training

In the 1990’s a computer program called “Deep Blue” was the first machine to ever beat a world champion grandmaster in the complicated game of chess.  It signaled a huge victory in the advancement of computer algorithms and their potential for the betterment of humankind.

Every day is an Adventure #8

Overwhelmed. The universe is conspiring against me lately, and I am not holding up to the scrutiny.   It’s not so much the fosters that are wearing me down, though, it is my rededication to the fitness and health of our crew.  I belong to a facebook group that deals in canine fitness and a […]

Boo’s Action Shoot

Sometimes the stars align and I get good light, my phone cooperates, and I get some good action shots of my crew doing what they do best. We had a really nice morning today, lots of sunshine and clear skies, so I decided to give a mini photo shoot a try.  It turned out really […]