Darby Update

Day 3.  Last night I gave Darby doo a bath in Oxiderm +PS shampoo This helps with itch relief, as well as getting rid of the scabbing that is, quite literally, all over this poor boy’s body. What a difference just the one bath has already made!  This first picture is him yesterday pre-medicated bath […]

What a Morning!

This morning, in a half asleep stupor, I agreed to take care of the upstair’s doggy morning duties because K2(how I will be referring to my girlfriend from now on) was running late.  “Not a big deal” I thought, we help each other out around this joint! Well, I forgot to follow my own advice […]

Darby, the Demodex Boy

We took in a new foster tonight.  This is Darby.  He has a horrible case of demodex after being rescued from the streets as a stray.   We will make sure this beautiful boy gets back to 100% healthy and finds hi forever home! Here are the videos of him on his first steps towards a […]

Boo Boo’s Odd Food Behavior

Ever since she was little girl with a head way too big for her body, Boo has had a behavioral tick that is baffling to me.  Every now and again, regardless of how much she likes her food, she will only take a few bites.  She will then proceed to look at me like I […]