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They say knowledge is power.  This is especially true when we are "dog-proofing" our homes.  Sometimes, products, that are perfectly safe for human consumption, can cause extreme illness or even death in our canine companions.  The 13 products below(including some peanut butters) are specifically targeted as the most dangerous by the American Veterinary Medical Association … Read More 13 Common Items that Could Kill your Pet(and are probably in Your Kitchen)

There are a few different over-the-counter medications that can be used to treat a variety of different minor ailments in your dog.  The caveat to using these medications is that the proper dosage is extremely important.  We have scoured the web for veterinary recommendations for any human medicine that is safe to use for your… Read More Over-the-Counter medicine Dosage for Dogs(w/calculators)

May 15th kicked off National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2016.  Every year we are inundated with a tsunami of information from hundreds of different sources regarding the best practices for avoiding bites.  For most, it is not immediately obvious what information is useful and what is just fluff designed to draw in readers using the… Read More Top 5 ways to prevent dog bites.

It will be relatively rare for me to dedicate a whole post to a product out of the blue, but I had to make an exception.  A few days ago was easter, and as K2 always does on holidays, she made the dogs an easter basket.  We always raid the clearance bin for our pups… Read More The Holy Grail of Rope Toys