Cece, the foster ambassador


Celia aka “cece” was our first experience with Rugaz Rescue. I didn’t deal with them directly but from what I remember she had been at animal services for a good amount of time after being hit by a car and subsequently having surgery to fix a busted up hip. She had been marked for rescue by Rugaz, but they did not have enough fosters to pull her. If I recall correctly we had filled out their foster application because of a different dog, but it ended up that he had already found a foster home.

Rugaz let us know that Cece had been placed on the euthanasia list, animal services did not have the space to keep her anymore, for the NEXT DAY, and without a foster family for her to go to they were out of options. It was a no brainer for us, if we could save this little girl than we would absolutely take her without a second thought.

I remember the night she came, Sully and Boo had only had very young foster siblings up to that point and Cece was a good 40 lbs at a few months old. I was really nervous that we were going to have problems introducing everyone as boo, especially, was still a “girl from the wrong side of the tracks” and acted like a punk, a LOT, with the puppies we had fostered up to that point.

My worst fears were realized in the first few seconds after I got Cece out of the SUV she came, Boo instantly raised her hackles, started barking aggressively and pulling on her leash. I remember the sinking feeling I got when I saw her reaction. We didn’t have any real foster experience at that point, no crates to keep Cece seperated from Boo, I don’t even think I had heard or used the term “crate and rotate” yet.

My initial instinct was to use the only real physical barrier we had in our house, our bedroom door, to keep them away from one another. So I had my girlfriend stay outside with Sully and Boo on leash while I carried Cece into our room and shut the door. I knew Sully would be fine with her, he had just about the craziest sister(Boo) that could be imagined, so a relatively tiny, crippled(she still had the stitches from her surgery) Pit Bull wasn’t going to be an issue for him.

My thought was that I would introduce Sully and Cece and afterward I would bring in Boo, under my control, to begin to get her used to having Cece around. If you were to have asked me right then what the worst thing that could have happened was, I would have said, “Boo breaking into our room before she was suppose to be in there”. Of course, this is exactly what happened. By some miracle all of the aggression Boo showed outside was tempered by having Sully in the room with her, save a few growls and some very quick seperations, the meeting went really well. Little did we know then, Cece would become our first “foster failure” and be a family member in a few short weeks.

She has an amazing ability to instantly become BFF’s with any foster dog that we bring into our home. It isn’t a coincidence that a large majority of pictures that I have of our fosters all have Cece in them either snuggling or playing. She has been an amazing addition to our family.