Clicker Training Progress-Darby Doo

I’ve been working with Darby a ton lately to help him to get some of his problematic behavior under control.  After spending 15 minutes the other day trying to lure him into a sit, I decided to ask my friends over at for some advice.

Along with a location change, for less distractions, and some little things that I was doing that I could improve upon, someone turned me on to “the box game”.  It is essentially a game that teaches a dog how to learn.  I’m proud to say he is doing really well.  He is already touching the box and we’ve only played 4-5 times so far!

He is such a sweet boy, I’m happy to be able to equip him with the skills that are going to make his forever owner’s such lucky people!

*Forgive my huck finn look, I chalk it up  to the life and times of being a foster dog parent 🙂