@coachmelodious i could not be more proud of our boy. He is doing so, so, so well in teaching Mr. G the intricacies of proper social play. Earlier, about 20 min before this vid, Z corrected Gandhi hard enough to cause a Yelp from our boy. Since that time, G has started to be much more respectful of Z’s space(f yeah Gandhi!) but, to his credit, Zeke is NOT using that deference to bully G! On top of that, and really what makes me proud, Zeke is self-handicapping(not dominating the game even though he could) while playing tug!!!! That is such a healthy follow-up to a correction 👏👏 For his part, G handled being scolded like he should. He took his lick, re-evaluated his previous “kamikaze jump in Zekes face” play style, and started respecting Zeke’s bubble. #babystepsaretheshit