Could you learn to Trust again?

By: K2

Have you ever had to teach someone what love and trust are?

Last night we rescued another family of dogs, a momma and her 7 less than 1-week old babies. She was stressed out and concerned for her babies.

After last night and all day today of multiple peanut butter treats and quick visits into her room to do a quick check on her, it is crazy what a different momma we have tonight from last night. She is much more relaxed, trusting, and less stressed. She remembers what love is. She has less concern in her eyes. She is forgiving.

It amazes me, the amount of forgiveness animals have. She doesn’t have to trust us, forgive us, or let us in…but she does, and she does so with more and more faith in us to do what is right for her. We talk. I sit on one side of the x-pen and her in her kiddie pool with the babies and we talk. We talk about my day, her day, her amazing babies, about what life is going to be like from here on out, and that her foster home is more like a Spa retreat for dogs than anything else. I ask her where she has been, what her story is, to remember love, and to forgive human for failing her in the past. I reassure her that we will keep her safe, make sure her babies are ok, spoil her, show her love and kindness and that it is all up from here. I promise her an amazing forever family one day for not only her but for her babies.

She doesn’t have a name yet, and neither do the babies, but soon enough she will remember love, affection, trust, and forgiveness. All of us do in time….you just need to have someone remind you of that feeling inside.

Like I promised momma girl…it is all up from here.