Darby’s Transformation

Every now and again, we have the luxury of a visual representation of how the love, compassion and care we put into our foster dogs can affect them.  Darby is definitely one of those cases.  He came to us emaciated with one of the worst cases of mange that I have, personally, ever seen.  On top of that, he develops an intestinal infection that nearly kills him, has to have emergency surgery and 3 ft of his bowels removed, then has to spend 2 months on crate arrest.

What boggles my mind is that he is still the most loving, affectionate, snugglerbutt in the doggy stratosphere.  If I can exhibit a fraction of the resiliency that he has, all the while keeping a smile on my face and my tail wagging (metaphorically, of course, I don’t have a tail!) then I will have considered myself a success. If you are dealing with a dog that has demodectic mange, I can’t recommend Bravecto enough.  This is our 4th case that we have treated ourselves.  Rugaz Rescue has treated dozens of dogs so far.


But enough of my babbling, without further ado, I present darby’s before and after…..

darbs beforeandafter