Healing mange-The Journey

2016-09-04_23h06_31We’ve had several dogs come to us with horrible cases of mange.  For those that are unfamiliar, mange is a infestation of a common mite that take advantage of a dog with a weakened immune system.  The condition causes sores, cracking skin, dermatitis, itching, and while treatable, is awful for the dog.

There seems to be a stigma surrounding dogs with mange.  Like they are less than their peers because they are afflicted with this problem.  “Mangey mutt” is a often used derogatorily to describe a misbehaving or otherwise “in trouble” dog.  What is striking to me about this stereotype is how detached from reality it turns out to be.

So what better way to show the transformation and how sweet these dogs are than to take you on a journey through the images of one of our “demo babies”?