Dog knew before she did!

I frequent a couple of different dog related forums to stay up to date on the latest trends and news in the canine community, but holds a special place in my heart.  The folks over there helped me tremendously when we first got Sully.  They were there for me when I almost lost my mind due to sully having 2 teeth growing in the same spot(normal when puppies have their adult teeth grow in before the old one falls out) all the way to Sully’s near death experience with a pygmy rattlesnake!

Needless to say it warms my heart when I can share in something wonderful happening to one of the people over there. I happened to be perusing the forums the other day and came across this thread.  I feel the need to share it with the community because it is such an amazing story.  This poster was concerned because her dog suddenly started acting very strange around her. The dog, who usually sleeps on her living room couch, began to demand to be at her side at all times of the day –even bathroom times!– and began to be extremely gentle and extra clingy towards her Mama.

@ren27 was very concerned that her dog may be sick or something else was wrong with her.  She couldn’t remember anything noteworthy happening that caused the shift in behavior, nor could she figure out any good reason that her dog was behaving so differently…Can you guys guess the cause of this behavior?

A few days later @ren27 learned that she was pregnant!!!

How cool is that? Her dog sensed the change in her and began the process of assuming the role of doggy midwife! Dog’s never cease to amaze me!