Embark Vet DNA Test Giveaway-Entrants

What fun would a DNA test giveaway without a place for us to guess at the breeds of the participants?!

No fun at all!

We are going to dedicate this post to compiling the pictures of our potential winners in the comments section.  Make sure to give us your best guess as to the breed make-up of these beautiful pups!

21 thoughts to “Embark Vet DNA Test Giveaway-Entrants”

  1. Our girl Boo’s kit is already on it’s way back to Embark, but we love her and she is beautiful so we are sharing anyway! Plus, we don’t have her results yet so any and all guesses at her breed(s) are welcome!

      1. That’s our thought as well. Her results should be here by the end of next week! I’ll definitely be sure to share.

    1. Wow, he is stunning! My initial thought was maybe a bit of Shepard in there somewhere

  2. Jasper is…I dunno. We see Patterdale Terrier, JRT, Schnauzer, Dachshund. But, since DNA testing often gives results you’d never expect, we’re flexible! LOL

    1. I have exactly 0 idea! lol! But he definitely is wearing the heck out of the bow tie, what a handsome dude!

  3. We know George has some terrier but I’d love to know what else! George is almost 30 lbs and has wire hair that needs a cut twice a year.

    1. What kind of hair does George have? Could he be part poodle? He reminds me a bit of my friend’s poodle mix…in any case, he’s adorable!

  4. We would test the one on the right. Lol we know she has some type of Bully in her. But her coat is different and her body structure is different.

  5. Kona is a mystery.. GSD/Heeler/Kelpie/?! We really don’t know. She’s only 35lbs and about 18″ at the shoulders.

  6. We know our dog Dojo must have some bully but he also has longer snout, is taller and slightly less stocky!

  7. We know our dog Dojo must have some bully but he also has longer snout, is taller and slightly less stocky!

  8. This is Nami. All we know is she has some American bulldog in her, but not sure of the rest.

    1. She is beautiful, maybe a bit of boxer? I can’t tell how tall she is from that picture so that might be an off-the-wall guess.

  9. This is Tesla. His dad is an AKC boxer, and his mom is a CKC boxer. I question his mom’s lineage a bit, but I mainly want to make sure he is healthy since boxers have health problems and don’t live as long.

  10. This is Delilah, I adopted her from a rescue in TN. She’s 6 lbs of sass and was found running wild as a stray! She’s definitely part Toy Fox Terrier, but I’ve never seen one this color before. I’m wondering if she’s maybe got some Rat Terrier or Chi in her as well.
    I’d also be interested in the genetic disorder results- she’s not a very well bred dog, she already has anxiety and canine compulsive disorder issues, and luxating patellas in both legs. My guess is that she was born in a puppy mill. I’d really like to know what other… surprises we could be in for.

    It’s not letting me upload a picture 🙁
    Here’s one from the photobucket

  11. Here’s my sweet girl, Edie! We adopted this amazing little grandma (13 years old and still going strong!) almost two years ago from a rescue that guessed she was Chow/Aussie…but I suspect she may be 100% bear. 😉 We actually did a Wisdom Panel test that said she was Chow/GREYHOUND, haha. I would love to verify those test results and dig deeper into Edie’s ancestry and health!

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