Every Day is an Adventure 11

2016-05-14 13.39.17It has been an interesting 24 hours.  Around 8pm last night I received a text from K2 with this picture and a message saying “we have a problem”.  I knew exactly what this meant. She had gone to animal services to transport an insane looking, crazy-eyed pug/chihuahua mix .  If she was sending me pictures of a mom and puppies, it could only mean one thing…we had more fosters incoming.

Normally I would welcome the new additions, but we already had 8 fosters in the house.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around taking care of another whole family. Where are we going to put Alice and her pups? What about our dogs? What about Darby? But, she goes on to tell me that these pups were scheduled for euthanasia and that she couldn’t leave them there to die.  Ok, I can understand that I wouldn’t have been able to leave them either. “Bring em’ home, we will figure it out”

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None of this changes the fact that I am currently  sitting home with 21 dogs!  We have our 4, Alice and her 6 pups, Darby, and now the new mom and her 8 puppies.  Needless to say, it has been a taxing day.  The noobs upstairs are riddled with worms, which makes cleanup all the more disgusting.  On top of that mom has some serious bowel issues causing the big D everywhere. But, once again, just like always, it only takes a few minutes of hanging out with a new foster or foster family to realize that everything we do for them is worth it in the end.

The whole family is in pitiful shape.  The babies were flea ridden and mom is skin and bones.  By looking at her pups, you can tell that she put every ounce of her being into making sure that those little babies had everything that they needed.  K2 bathed all 8 pups last night and mom got some well-deserved rest, food, and comfort. So now we are just looking forward to seeing this family get healthy and find their forever homes!

Alice’s puppies will be going for their speuter appointments on Sunday, so that will relieve a bit of pressure on us.  It is mandated by law in Florida that any dogs adopted must first be fixed.  But, in all honesty, this foster game is a labor of love.  It does wonders for the soul helping all these dogs live happy, healthy lives 🙂


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