Every Day is an Adventure 17

carnival-1179497_960_720It has been hair on fire hectic around this house lately!  We still have 3 of the 8 ninja turtle puppies, who all seem to be deadset on staying as long as possible and driving me to the brink of insanity.  We have 2 medical mange dogs who, although they are amazing and sweet as southern apple pie,  are under crate arrest until they improve more and are unhappy about it.  The thing with mange is that, although it has to be uber uncomfortable, the dogs usually feel great pretty quickly after getting the Bravecto, which leads to extremely restless canines that have been feeling like burnt poop in a garbage being forced to stay in a crate!

Needless to say, these guys are letting us know about their objections to this state of affairs! I woke up this morning to Selma, the 12-13 week old pup with mange, singing the song of her people with every ounce of volume that her little body could muster.  I rolled over, half asleep, and was immediately accosted by my crew.  They are absolutely jubilant in the mornings when they realize I’m awake.  Normally this brings a smile to my face, but this morning I was in a mood.  I hate waking up annoyed and between Selma’s song, the crews exuberant impression of an alarm clock, and realizing that I forgot to take the trash cans to the curb last night, I was a 9/10 on the annoyed index within 1 minute of joining the waking world.

To make matters even more….interesting(yea that’s the word we will go with here), the Little Lady has figured out that if she puts her face right next to her baby monitor in the morning and screams my name, she can solicit a response from me and expedite her goal of getting downstairs! Baby monitors are designed to be very sensitive, so it sounds like she is yelling at me through a loudspeaker.

So I had a puppy singing, a 4 year old screaming my name, 4 big dogs jumping all over and licking me, and the realization that I forgot the trash, all within 30 seconds of waking up! 🙂

Oh the joys of my life!!!!!!!!


The good news is that my stress gets melted away the moment I take stock of the things for which I am thankful.  The may drive me bonkers, but the Ninja Turtle pups wouldn’t be alive if we hadn’t pulled them from animal services.  Same goes for Selma and Penny.  My crew may be the equivalent of 4 full grown bulls in the china shop that is my brain,  but I love them with all my heart and they bring me way, way, way more joy than stress in the grand scheme of things. As for the trash, oh well, they will come again on Thursday!

So, once again, my dogs and kid teach me about being “good” at life just for the simple act of taking care and loving them.  Seems like a pretty sweet deal to me!