Every day is an Adventure #3


We had another bit of drama this morning.  Our sweet foster Darby was acting really strange when I woke up, he wasn’t moving as well as he normally does, and just had an odd look in his eye.

After I had my coffee, I went to feed the dogs and instantly noticed that Darbs was having trouble moving around.  It looked like he had aged 10 yrs in a night and every bone in his body was riddled with arthritis.

Waiting for his ride to the vet :(
Waiting for his ride to the vet 🙁

My initial thought was that he had over exerted himself playing with Lynus, so I decided to feed him to see if he would eat.  He wouldn’t, I knew right then that something was very wrong.

I made a few calls and he is currently at the vet’s for observation.  We thought he might have a blockage due to something he ate that he wasn’t suppose to, but the X-rays have all been negative so far.

The worst part of this for me is thinking that we abandoned him –like his last owners–.  I just finished a post about giving dogs human emotions in our minds, but it’s hard not to think about what he must be thinking.

I will keep everyone updated on his condition as I know more.


We just recieved word that Darby had complications with his surgery.  At this point I’m being told that he has to make it through tonight and then he has a 50/50 shot of being ok.  I’m beside myself with grief.  I feel like a failed my boy when he trusted me.  I told him nothing bad would ever happen to him again, that turns out not to be true.  My heart is broken and I wish I could hold him, tell him to fight, and that life will get better.  We did a lot today but I can’t bring myself to write or think of anything else but Darby.