Every Day is an Adventure #5

I am writing today filled with hope. The vet’s office just sent me a video of Darby standing up on his own for the first time since his surgery yesterday. https://twitter.com/4daall/status/719285931535122432

His tail is wagging like crazy and I can tell he still has a lot of fight left in him. It makes me feel like he is going to make it through this! It has given me enough confidence that we have already started to make plans for when he is released from the hospital.

IMG_1866The young lady who runs Rugaz Rescue is going to keep him for a short time, in order to keep him hooked up to an IV. Which means that we are, temporarily, taking care of another demodex boy, Emmitt, while he recovers.  He is a really good boy, but I really just cannot wait to have Darby snuggling into me again. .
We did just do Emmitt’s nails live on periscope, which I just discovered and now I want to live stream everything!

He is a really sweet boy. It’s funny that I say that about every single dog that comes through our doors, but I think that is more of a statement about the misconceptions associated with bully breeds more so than a statement of our abilities as a dog foster family.IMG_1867

He is still intact so I’ll be watching him like a father on prom night. He will not be defiling any of my innocent, sweet girls or soiling their chastity in any way, shape, or form. Speaking of which, I feel bad for the little lady when she starts dating :). I’m going to train all the dogs to attack anything with boy parts under the age of 21!, I kid, but it will not be a pleasant experience to date my baby, that is for sure.

In other good news, I found a place not too far from us that offers all sorts of dog sports. I’m especially interested in getting Mama Coral on a lure course. She is, by far, our most athletic crew member, and I think she would absolutely love participating. I also want to give dock diving, weight pulling, and lure coursing a go with Boo and Sully. We will see how that goes. I’ll be sure to let you guys know if it works out. I really hope I can get Sully to do dock diving!