Every day is an Adventure #6


Just got off the phone with K2. The vet is going to keep Darby awake for most of the day today to see if his vitals stabilize on their own. If this happens then we will be able to take Darb-a-doo to his interim stay at the head honcho’s house. After seeing that short video of him yesterday I’m feeling really hopeful that my boy will pull himself through the woods. I am sending all the love and healing vibes that I possibly can at this moment.

Lynus and Emmitt are both crated right now because they are too much for me before I get at least 3 cups of coffee. Darby used to buffer Lynus because they love to rough house with one another, thus freeing up myself and the other dogs from chasing him all over the house and yard. Lynus is starting to grasp the concept of calming down though so there is light at the end of the tunnel. Emmitt just loves the fact that he is alive and treats everything he encounters like it is the most amazing thing he has ever seen in his life. From a stick outside to the blanket on our bed, he is just enjoying life to the max, which is pretty cool to watch if I do say so myself 🙂


Darby spent the day awake and, although his vitals didn’t improve much, the prognosis seems to be becoming increasingly positive as we get updates. “Doc” wants to keep him under medical supervision for a bit longer but I am hopeful that after another couple of days some of his pain will subside and he will be able to move to his “halfway” house.

IMG_0306I was able to participate in a live twitter chat tonight and learned some pretty interesting tips and tricks for pet photography. Sully is notoriously hard to photograph indoors because he is shiny, jet black. It’s either don’t use the flash and have a dark black blob against whatever background or use the flash and have a devil panther dog threatening to eat my soul through the photograph!


IMG_0304The thing that really sticks out to me is using white cardboard to fill in light around him, it makes perfect sense and I really cant wait to try it. It is definitely worth a look to visit http://www.k9studiophotography.com/ , even if you don’t speak spanish, just to see the beautiful photography.

I also learned about an interesting conference that is coming up here soon. http://petsittinglive.com/ is going to be about everything “pet business” related. I would love to attend but the crew and little lady keep me anchored to our house, preventing any excursions. Which, in this case, is a bummer, but usually I don’t mind in the least. The little lady, K2, and my dogs are much more interesting and enjoyable than most people I meet anyway!

We had a short lived spat between Cece and the newest temp foster Emmitt. For some reason Cece is just not liking this guy. My suspiscion is that he is the first intact male she has ever encountered and it is not something that she is happy about. I’m going to do some research on if that is actually a documented “thing” and will post the results.

Don’t forget to share Darby’s fundraising page for his surgery and recovery (and donate if at all possible)!