Every Day is an Adventure #9


I woke up this morning at 3am to nature’s version of a rave.  Thunder was shaking the house, lightning striking so often that it seemed the sun was high in the sky.  My first thought, oddly enough, was about the well being of a dog that is already adopted and no longer living with us! Our, recently adopted,  foster Irelynn is terrified of storms and in my newly risen stupor, my first reaction was to go upstairs to comfort her!

After my wits came back to me, I realized there was a deluge of monsoon-like proportions accompanying the fireworks display that had woke me.  We have severe flooding issues in our backyard which led to me digging a network of trenches, removing a tree, and installing a heavy duty pump in one corner to remove the water.  The system works brilliantly, but it requires being turned on!

What happens if I don't turn the pump on and it rains overnight!
What happens if I don’t turn the pump on and it rains overnight!

Of course, I didn’t have the pump plugged into the extension cord by the hole, which meant I had to change from my PJ’s and brave mother nature’s fury to plug it in.  The thought of being struck by lightning, however improbable, was at the forefront of my mind, because there was, literally, no time between strikes.   At least it was easy to see in the otherwise dark backyard!

That was a ton a fun.  I spent maybe 30 seconds outside and was soaked to the bone by the time I got back into our patio. I had to laugh at what was waiting for me, I had all 4 dogs standing in the doorway quizzically staring at me as if I had completely lost my marbles.  I could almost hear them questioning my sanity as I shed my rain soaked clothes!

Next on my list of to-do’s was the little lady, Alice, and her puppies.  To my surprise, the little lady was still fast asleep and Alice was relatively calm.  I’ve come to learn that anxiety in dogs driven by storms or fireworks is most easily dealt with by completely ignoring that there is a problem.  By giving attention that normally wouldn’t be given we feed into the fear and anxiety causing it to get worse.  With that in mind, I left mom and pups without much fuss.  I decided that there was no way that the thunder wouldn’t wake up our little girl so it would behoove me to proactively bring her downstairs to sleep with us.

Fortunately, none of our crew has “loud noise” anxiety, so with bringing the little lady downstairs I was able to get another hour of sleep before the day started.

I’m exhausted and it’s only noon!

In better news, I was able to check and see how Irelynn did with the storm.  Her new mama tells me that she shook a bit but was easily comforted with a blanket and some snuggles.  I’m 100% certain that she was always meant to be a part of that family!