Every foster dog that we have had up to now(~150ish) has been hard to let go.  It comes with the territory when the only was you know how to foster is to love the crap out of the dog.

But sometimes, out of necessity, we form really deep, special bonds with some of them.  Genny fit into this category.  We got her and her babies when the pups were just a few days old.

Brand new #fosterdogs mom and 10 six day old babies! #adoptdontshop #adoreabull

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Fortunately, she was one of the only mother dogs that instantly accepted and enjoyed having me around.  This became important when we realized that two of her pups weren’t eating like they should, were very weak, and there was a chance that they would not make it.  I won’t recount the whole story here(if you’re interested, here is the detailed story).  But the cliff notes version is that I spent 24hours a day for about a week fighting for these babies, which both made it!

Because of having to spend so much time with her, I formed a really close relationship with mama genny.  In all honesty, if we already didn’t have four dogs, I would have foster failed again!  She was just a dog that I loved being around and “got” me.

Love our foster mama genny, her ears kill me! #fosteringsaveslives

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But, alas, the time did eventually come when my girl found her forever home.  It was really hard on me, to be honest.  I always expect that “those” dogs will be easier to let go after having gone through it a dozen or so times, but that is never the case.

Imagine my surprise when, out of the blue, I got a foster update on my baby girl!

She is doing amazing.  She has a brother now that could be her twin.  Most folks think that the two of them are from the same litter!  Her forever people also told us that she has not lost her snuggly ways and, while I’m a little jealous, I couldn’t help but smile when I heard how well she is doing and how happy she is!

This is her with her bro, Zeke.(she has the red collar)



So happy to see you happy and doing well my girl!