One of the absolute best parts of fostering is getting updates on dogs that have since been adopted.  Seeing them happy in their forever homes is just plain good for the soul!  This is especially true when we get those updates on a dog that came to us with a medical condition like mange.

pennybeforeThis is Penny(Penelope Cruz), she came to us with a gnarly case of demodectic mange which had rendered her head completely hairless giving her the look of a vulture which I, of course, turned into a running joke while she was around.

As per our modus operandi, we immediately gave her a dose of Bravecto and began her medicated baths.  From the very beginning, this young lady was a lightning bolt wrapped up in a supernova, mixed with roadrunner DNA.  In other words, she never, ever slowed down.  Her only speed, while she was awake, was “bouncing off the walls at a full sprint” miles per hour.

It always strikes me how happy, loving, and playful these mange dogs are.  It seems, from looking at them, that they should be miserable, but after over a dozen medical mange fosters, that has never been the case

Fortunately, after a few months of care, my penny healed up and found a perfect forever home.  She gets to go hiking regularly, has plenty of room to run, and her forever people love her to the moon and back.

Over the weekend, we had an adoption event.  To our delight, miss penny pants came to visit!  She nearly tackled K2 when she realized who she was, which is just an amazing feeling for a former foster parent.

When I got the picture of her texted to me, it made my week!  Look how amazing my little girl is doing!


That tongue still operates completely independent of the rest of her body!

So glad you are happy my girl, you deserve it!

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    1. It’s our pleasure, our fosters teach us so much about life. Especially our little girl, there are just some lessons that “life” has to teach and foster dogs are some of the best teachers

  1. “@joysofbeingamom tried to give you a shout out for fostering my babies but my phone wasn’t cooperating! What you and Bryan did for Roxy and Luke will never be forgotten. Fostering is so selfless and saves lives! I will always be grateful for what you did for them!”

    Just got this message from the owner of two dog I fostered. It is so rewarding.

    1. It truly is rewarding, fostering can sometimes be a bit of a thankless endeavor(i dont mind at all) but those times when someone reaches out or we get an update on a dog make up for it in spades 🙂

    1. Those pictures dont even do justice to how bad she was in person. When the mange is so bad that it results in total hair loss, the accompanying skin lesions/scabbing is just torture on them. But this little girl never let it slow her down

  2. What an amazing transformation! I’m so happy to hear that Penny found a forever home, she looks so happy!

  3. Ah yes I’m familiar with mange, it’s tough for them poor little sweeties. Amazing to see the transformation from when she first was lucky enough to be fostered by you. You wonder how they’re doing in their new homes, and worry if they’re being treated well (which is why I’m a foster failure!!), but it puts your mind at rest doesn’t it, seeing how much they’re loved and cared for.

    1. Indeed it does! and im so thankful for living in a age where social media is so popular. I often get to see dogs that we fostered in pictures on facebook and such.(p.s. we have foster failured twice too!)

    1. Thanks so much! It’s a funny story, but I always thought she was going to be extremely hard to adopt out because of her insane energy levels. It only took one event, she met her forever people, and they were a perfect fit!

  4. That is since wonderful news and I love the transformation pictures! Nothing is better than seeing a dog that didn’t have the best life change into a happy, loved fur baby. I am so happy for Penny and thank you for being a foster fur parent!

    1. That is so true, also it’s probably why we work so hard to save so many pups. Knowing that these girls and boys get a shot at a happy, healthy life is worth every second.

    1. I know right!? It’s amazing what a little love, patience, and care can make in the lives of these dogs!

    1. She definitely is, she was also the most accepting foster dog we have had to date. She didn’t have an ounce of malice in her bones

  5. Aw, sweet Penny looks so happy – and bless your heart for being able to foster her with such love, that makes a huge difference! We’ve not fostered a pup with mange, but just in case if you have an article that helps one understand how to heal a pup with this? Thanks!

  6. The before and after pics of this sweet dog made my day! What an amazing transformation and thank you for sharing this sweet story!

  7. I love reading happy stories like these and this only goes to show how fosters are the real heroes a little love and care can do wonders and help save a life

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