Our former foster, Alice, sticks out in my mind because she was such an energetic, happy dog right from the get go.  She was one of the very first mama dogs that accepted me around her babies without having to earn it!

This, in and of itself, made her very special to me.  It gets hard to see so many mamas that are so distrustful of men.  But this girl was the complete opposite.  The moment we met, I got nothing but kisses and butt wiggles! Her and her gaggle of puppies were named after the Alice in Wonderland cast of characters.  They were a gorgeous group. They were amazing foster dogs!

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So when I got an update on her new life, It was amazing for me to see how happy she looks!


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  1. Oh brilliant pictures. I think all three of them are laughing in that picture – it certainly made me smile!

  2. Beautiful! The best feeling in the world is when you get to see an animal that you have rescued and fostered happy in their new home!

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