General Kai’s Weekend Vacay!

Hands down, the best part of doing dog-sitting on the side is that we get to meet so many dogs that we wouldn’t otherwise!  This weekend is definitely one of those times.

Anyone familiar with the latest installment of Kung Fu Panda knows General Kai.  So when MalaKai’s family had to leave town for the weekend, and they did us the honor of trusting us to take care him, it was only natural for his weekend nickname to be “General Kai”.

I am a dog person, but I never was drawn towards poodles.  Until General Kai, that is.  I love his little poof helmet and Sully looooooves showing off those boxer skills(See below)

We even got some training in last night! Albeit we aren’t Kikopup or Zak George, but we have to start somewhere right!

The next generation! ???

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We still have this handsome fella until tomorrow and don’t forget, we are available to dog-sit through our account

and are located in Pasco County, so as long as you’re close, we can probably watch the furkids should you ever have to leave town for a few days!