I can’t express in words how much this guy has affected me. It reminds me of the old adage, “Diamond in the rough”. He is just inherently good, but, my suspicion is that no one has ever shown Hapi respect and love while, at the same time, providing him with the gentle guidance that he needs to blossom into the best version of himself that he can be.

It means a lot to me that Hapi learns how to be a muscle-bound bully breed mix who functions happily and safely through all aspects of his life.  He is the dog that you would read about in the newspaper, who accidentally hurt one of his people without ever intending to do so.  He is so strong, so excitable, and so untrained, that a person who is not physically capable of controlling him, could easily be overpowered and Hapi could and would do whatever he wanted.

Hapi needs structure.  He needs to learn basic obedience commands, but more importantly than all that, he needs to be respected and managed so that he can safely learn how to “be”.

I am happy to take on that responsibility,  because…..just look at this guy!  He’s so awesome!

Source: Handsome Pitbull sees himself for the first time by 4dogsandalittlelady on Rumble