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After having incredible results with one of our fosters, Robin, we have become affiliates for Hempworx!


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Our boy Robin has the absolute fluffiest blanket I could find(which he got straight out the dryer this AM🙌) and his swelling has gone down significantly. His skin just looks less angry too. On a less positive note, and this is a first for us, he has nightmares. Whatever they are of, he wakes up screaming like he is being attacked. It scares the s@#@ out of me every time(has occurred maybe 5-6 times so far) but he seems to calm down immediately when he “wakes up”. I don’t know what to do for this other than to make him feel safe and comfortable(my normal stuff). We will see how this develops together and help our little man through it however we can 🤷‍♂️ edit: for the CBD recommendations, send me the amazon links in messages, I’ll add it to our wishlist or, if amazon doesn’t carry the right kind, Send the company this post and see if they will provide him a sample or however much he needs to get better

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I started using CBD for my pup with pretty bad stimuli aggression and between the oil and some extra training, she’s like a brand new pup!! It also helps with her allergies!!

Megan Thorton

Good morning! I saw where you were asking for stories how CBD has helped our dogs. My dog Jack is a Dalmatian/border collie mix that I rescued when he was a month old. He has always had some separation anxiety but after we had a bad storm come through (we live in Texas), he was terrified of thunder and fireworks. I use CBD for anxiety and to help with some back pain so I decided to give it a try for Jack! I gave it to him the first time when I saw a thunderstorm was coming. Before, we would spend the whole time, sitting in the bathroom, with him shaking, panting/drooling and me trying to calm him. This time, he laid on the bed with me and didn’t do anything like before. So when July 4th came around, I gave him some CBD before it got dark and he slept the entire night! It doesn’t make him “drugged up” looking or acting, it just calms him down and he’s able to relax without having the terrible fear! I will never not have CBD in my house!


We used CBD and still use it to keep our fear aggressive dog, Copper, calm. It helped bring him down to a level where we could help him understand we wouldn’t hurt him when we first got him. And now we use it to help him if people are going to be over, fireworks are going off, or bad storms. It helps him so much. It’s not a cure all some issues he still goes absolutely nuts over but it has helped bring him from a completely untouchable dog to a complete mush who just wants love about 85% of the time.


my dog had cancer and we made him some cbd infused treats, from our observations it caused him great relief and slowed the progression of the cancer, he ended up passing but it definitely helped him in his last months 🙂