He’s finally home!

2016-05-12 13.56.50
He’s on “normal” activity so no kong spring pole action! He is none to pleased 🙂

After what seems like forever, my darby boy is finally home with a clean bill of health!  The intestinal infection that nearly took his life ended up claiming almost 3 feet of his guts, but he is happy, healthy, and looking forward to a full recovery.  I can’t thank everyone who supported him through this trauma enough.  He is an amazing dog, full of life, vigor, love and he fought tooth and nail to beat the odds.  He has been on crate arrest for over a month now, so he is extremely  excited to see the rest of the crew.  He spent most of this morning playing with Cece on our bed(his favorite pastime).  I can tell you that it gets me directly in the feels watching him be a dog again.

2016-05-12 14.01.08-1
“Lean on me…when you’re not strong…”

Now, I have loved all of our fosters with the exception of one(looking at you Ma petit the maniac)

2016-05-12 13.59.25
Probably my favorite picture I’ve ever taken

but I’ve formed a seriously special bond with this guy.  Maybe it was the mange baths, how bad he was when he came to us, or his exuberant way of displaying his affection, whatever it is, he has absolutely stolen my heart.


2016-05-12 14.11.52-1
Captain Crazy eyes

He is now available for adoption, although whoever takes him is going to have to be pretty special to pry him away from me!