The Holy Grail of Rope Toys

It will be relatively rare for me to dedicate a whole post to a product out of the blue, but I had to make an exception.  A few days ago was easter, and as K2 always does on holidays, she made the dogs an easter basket.  We always raid the clearance bin for our pups because they are seasoned professionals in the art of toy destruction, especially Cece!  But little did I know that the clearance bin would be delivering the impossible on this easter sunday…

IMG_0739 (1)

This girl is capable of destoying the indestructible!  She actually killed a Kong once, which I had previously thought to be impossible.  Because of Cece I don’t allow toys to remain within the reach of our dogs –I’m very concerned that she will eat something harmful–.  But lo and behold, the clearance bin delivered a minor miracle.  For whatever reason, this rope toy is holding up to the jaws of death(aka Cece’s mouth) so far and I am in awe!


It’s difficult to see in the picture but the rope is this style:

Grriggles Rope Sticks


I think that it is the thickness that doesn’t allow her to get  a full bite motion which, in turn, cripples her powers of destruction.  I still think that it is inevitable that she will be able to obliterate this toy, but the fact that she hasn’t yet is completely mind blowing to me!  This is definitely a resounding recommendation from myself and my crew if you are looking for a rope toy that is very, very durable.