We are a family of eight, there is the Little Lady, Sully, Boo, Cece, Mama Coral,  Figsy(the cat), my girlfriend(aka k2), and myself. We have a passion for saving dogs in general and bully breeds specifically

It was not long after we began this journey that it became clear to us that we needed to chronicle the  craziness and blog about our daily adventures with our dogs.  It took awhile to take that leap, but this blog is the result!

We have become experienced in many facets of raising dogs, and sharing those experiences with you is an honor.  We don’t fancy ourselves omnipotent, so we hope to learn from our readers as well!  We love hearing about your experiences and what you have learned through your dogs!


I’ve heard that the best teacher is experience, so I will do my best to pass on what we have been taught by ours so far.

13081663_10154178540226474_2134696875_nAt our current count we have saved over 50 lives with no plans to stop anytime soon, so the more we foster the more we will be able to pass along and, in doing so, we hope to make your life as it relates to your pups a little bit easier

As a result we are becoming quite well versed in the intricacies of raising and caring for our four-legged family members

Thanks you for coming by and sharing in our exploits!  We hope that we are able to provide a fun site for you to learn about your dogs, and ours, while enjoying everything about being a dog owner/foster.