How did we end up as a CBD affiliate with Hempworx?

It started here:

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Our boy Robin has the absolute fluffiest blanket I could find(which he got straight out the dryer this AM🙌) and his swelling has gone down significantly. His skin just looks less angry too. On a less positive note, and this is a first for us, he has nightmares. Whatever they are of, he wakes up screaming like he is being attacked. It scares the s@#@ out of me every time(has occurred maybe 5-6 times so far) but he seems to calm down immediately when he “wakes up”. I don’t know what to do for this other than to make him feel safe and comfortable(my normal stuff). We will see how this develops together and help our little man through it however we can 🤷‍♂️ edit: for the CBD recommendations, send me the amazon links in messages, I’ll add it to our wishlist or, if amazon doesn’t carry the right kind, Send the company this post and see if they will provide him a sample or however much he needs to get better

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Robin is the first dog, out of the hundreds we’ve fostered, that legitimately had nightmares.  He would wake up from a dead sleep, SCREAMING, like he was being torn limb from limb.  The first 2 or 3 times I didn’t know what was happening and was completely at a loss.

Fortunately, one of our followers tagged Michele Rohrbach, an affiliate for Hempworx, and she was kind enough to send us a bottle of the CBD oil for pets.  Another follower, Suzie Q’s CBD treats, also sent us a sample of her wares!

The change wasn’t immediate, as we still had resource guarding, weird aggression, and aberrant social behavior from Robin.  But, gradually, over a couple weeks, his overall state started to calm.  It wasn’t like his walls were knocked down, more like a small hole was punched in it, allowing him to hear me, and opening the door himself.

He’s since improved drastically:

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When you’re right, you’re right!

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But why be an affiliate?

Good question, I’ve been around the block, so to speak, with affiliate programs since starting our blog.  We are probably affiliates for a couple dozen different products/companies at this point, but none has ever been like “OMG YOU GUYS HAVE TO TRY THIS” until now.

The other reason is the unique compensation program that Hempworx offers.  By purchasing 2 bottles for my dogs at 69$+ S/H, I qualify for 30% commission on any products bought through my affiliate link, this is VERY high for affiliate programs.  Amazon, for example, starts at 4% commissions and, very, slowly increases from there.  And, while other programs don’t have qualifications, this doesn’t bother me because I’d be getting the CBD oil for my dogs anyway.

Now, if we stop here, I would be sold.  It’s a good, certified-potency, product that is showing a plethora of benefits for my fosters and crew. But, Hempworx has another dimension to their compensation program.

In simplest terms, when I, eventually, have two people sign up as affiliates for Hempworx, themselves, through my link, I qualify for 10% commission on all of my customers recurring sales! This is found no where else in any of the other affiliate programs I’ve seen over the years.  Normally, as an affiliate, you get a commission on a customer’s first purchase and that’s it.  Hempworx takes it a step further and gives the opportunity for some real deal income!


Yup, this isn’t my first rodeo with this type of commission structure either.  The difference here is that, one, im not selling phone service or office supplies, and two, i’m not forced to participate in the second part of the program(recurring orders/adding affiliates) if I don’t want to. This is important to me, because I’m done with high-pressure sales, I did that, door-to-door no less, in my 20’s and I did not enjoy it.  I much prefer to talk about how CBD has benefited the dogs under my care, and if folks want to buy/become affiliates, great! if not, also great!

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