I know you all wake up in the morning with a burning desire to know how my Sully boy is doing with his food switch! So, like any proud papa, I’m going to keep you updated!

It’s been 10 days since we switched to Natural Balance.  I took the switch pretty seriously considering I have spent the last ~9 months working my butt off to get Sully in shape.  It was really important to me that we have a clear goal in mind for our new food, which was a high protein to build muscle and to make sure that all the ingredients lined up with the best practices of the industry.

In order to achieve that, I spent about 30 minutes with a rep from Natural Balance and discussed my goals, as well as what I was looking for in a food(that conversation can be found here) The result of the conversation was me deciding that the Wild Pursuit Trout, Salmon, and Tuna formula was our top choice.

Takeaways so far

The big change that I have noticed is the difference in Sully’s laziness.  I’ve lamented about how hard it has been to get him to do anything over the life of the blog.  But now, I’ve noticed that he is ready and rearing to go every single time I go anywhere near our play/exercise zones.  My assumption is that the extra protein combined with the reduced body weight has got him feeling like a million bucks and, as such, he is all about playtime

I was also pleasantly surprised to find the formula we chose included freeze dried raw bits as well and, like any self-respecting kid, Sully will rummage through the food to get all of those little buggers before he even touches the “normal” kibble.  This observation has little to do with anything, I just find it hilarious to watch 🙂

Lastly, I took another picture this morning to “before-and-after” with the one I took 10 days ago.  I realize that there isn’t an obvious difference, but it is very noticeable to me that his muscles are starting to become more defined and “tighter”.  It’s a bit difficult to put into words exactly what I see, but suffice to say I am quite happy with the switch so far!

The top picture is from 10 days ago, the bottom is from this morning.

What’s Next?

On December 5th I will be delving into the other uber important aspect of Natural Balance’s “Buy with Confidence” promise, which is safety.  They allow the purchaser(me) to see the results of their x9 safety testing runs for the specific bag of food that I bought.  Be sure to check back!