2016-05-13_21h07_21As some of you may know, there was some data analysis published recently from a respected academic, Stanley Coren Ph. D.  The analysis suggested that our dogs do not like to be hugged.  This was widely disseminated by the media as a fact-based observation, which it was not, it was, actually, a very subjective undertaking.  Nonetheless, the subject is not a new , Patricia McConnell touched on the idea in her book  The other end of the leash but Mr. Cohen’s work has gained a boatload of publicity and, as a result, traction in the arena of public opinion.  

At 4dogsandalittlelady.com, we are of the opinion that, as long as you define a healthy way to hug a dog and look out for signs of distress(Great resource on dog body language here), the practice of embracing our beloved furkids can be a happy experience for all involved.  This brings us to the idea that we are going to launch with this post.  We challenge our readers to record a short video(or picture) of themselves hugging their dogs(the ones that enjoy it, of course) and post it to your social media accounts with the hashtag #hugyourdogchallenge.

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Our goal is, not only, to show off the relationships we have with our pups, but to showcase the body language that our dogs will display when they are comfortable being hugged. So we are laying down the challenge! Video yourself hugging your dog that love’s em,and nominate 3 other dog owner’s you know to do the same.

Happy recording!