Source: Ultra Fluffy foster puppy siblings rough housing by 4dogsandalittlelady on Rumble

Every single time I watch this video, I am reminded of the scene in “Despicable Me” where the youngest daughter gets a unicorn and……


If you are new to our site, these two “fluffer butts” were completely unexpected additions to our foster family.  Their mom, Manglecat, was supposed to be a temporary foster.  As with all of the dogs in our rescue, she had an appointment to get fixed at our vet.  All was going according to plan, until the vet called and told us she was pregnant!

We were over the moon to be a part of an actual birth.  As the pups grew, Punzy(short for Rapunzel) got uber fluffy and her sister, Sarah, was exactly the opposite.  Together they made an absolutely adorable pair!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of raising a litter of puppies, this type of roughhousing is completely normal. The pups learn how to control their bite pressure, behave around other dogs, and(if they were wild) this is how they would learn the skills necessary to hunt in a pack!

In the dog rescue world, it is very common for puppies to be separated from littermates way too early (should never happen before 8-weeks).  Many of the behavioral problems that develop in these dogs can be traced back to the lessons that were not learned during this critical stage of development.  I have learned that this type of behavior is so important that I encourage it whenever I can.

As if the level of cuteness in this video isn’t enough, these two AND their momma have all been adopted and now are living happily ever after in their forever homes!

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