The Equine Mega Jolly Ball aka Best Toy Ever

After 20 min. my boy was spent!
After 20 min. my boy was spent!

Sometimes, all at once, serendipity strikes, the stars align, and the Atlantic ocean parts to show us the thing we have always needed, wanted, and dreamt of, but never knew existed!

The equine mega jolly ball and it’s cover are that thing for me.  I went searching for a medicine ball type interactive toy so that I would have something to challenge our crew mentally as well as physically and I happened across Their Jolly Ball really stuck out to me, mainly because it is made for horses(so has to be crazy durable, right?).  My guys destroyed a normal exercise ball like this not too long ago but had a blast doing it.  So, needless to say, I was intrigued by the possibility of this thing holding up.  As I read the reviews, I came across one asserting that the ball held up in a house full of 3 full grown Boxer boys…


In my head, I remember thinking that if it could stand up, durability wise, to the assault that my crew puts on toys then it would be an amazing addition to our fitness fun regimen.  I was still a bit skeptical, as anyone with a staffy/boxer mix, 2 pit mixes, and a 70lb mutt would be, that the ball could withstand the beating it was going to take.  So after a little bit more reading, I discovered that the company sold a cover for the ball to increase its durability…

SOLD x 2

The moment of truth…

I could not, literally could not, be more impressed or blown away by how much our dogs love this ball.  I haven’t seen Sully play like this since he was a puppy.  He is normally a lazy bum that forces me to be uber creative to get him to play and exercise.   But, not with this thing.

And the best part?  It is basically indestructible.  The cover is like a neoprene-type fabric that allows them to barely grab on to it but is tough enough not to get shredded.  I can see that it won’t hold up forever, but at a price point of ~20 dollars, ill be more than happy to replace it every month if necessary.

I spend that much on toys that last under 5 minutes for our crew and they don’t really do anything to destroy them.  A few minutes chewing and Cece can ravage even the toughest toys on the market.

But, as you can see below, she can’t get enough of a hold on the Jolly Ball to be able to apply her destructive magic.


Buy this thing!

I ended up paying just shy of 50$ for the ball and the cover and I have never been happier with a purchase in my life.  The dogs love it, it is durable, and it provides endless exercise for everyone.  Another benefit that I neglected to mention earlier, is that the ball is big enough for all 4 of the dogs to play at the same time.  In a multi-dog household, having a toy that can completely exhaust all of the dogs in a matter of minutes is priceless.  All in all…

I seriously love this ball!