Some of our loyal readers may have been asking themselves where the heck the four dogs family has been for the last few months!  Well, as it is prone to do, life decided to throw us a gnarly curveball just before Thanksgiving that really tested our resolve as a family.

Around the end of October, I began to notice a dull pain in my abdomen.  I didn’t think much of it, because, as some of you may already know, aches and pains come with the territory after reaching a certain age.  But this pain didn’t get any better and, in fact, slowly got worse and worse.

The little lady took great care of me

Subconsciously, I started to eat much less, sleep much more, and It was a chore to do even the most basic things around the house.  I was getting winded after taking a few steps and the walks, that I enjoy so much, to school in the morning with the little lady might as well have been one of the twelve tasks of Hercules. Still, through all of that, I was stubborn and refused to go get treatment for the issue.  I kept thinking that, whatever was wrong, would eventually take care of itself and I just needed to tough it out until then.

Fast forward to the middle of January and we arrive at the morning of reckoning.  I woke up to the thought that someone must have snuck in my room and stabbed me in the gut with a rusty, dull knife during the night.  The pain was unbearable.  Standing up was like getting kicked in the gut by a Kentucky derby winner.  I didn’t have any say in what happened next, K2 saw how much pain I was in and, before I could figure out what was going on, I was in the ER.

They didn’t let me eat for the first 2 days! Once I got the ok, it was ON

Five days and enough pain medication to sedate a grizzly bear later, I was released from the hospital with a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis that had, over the ~3months of non-treatment, become one of the worst flare-ups my GI doctor had ever seen.  We are now managing the condition with long-term anti-inflammatory medication that should keep any more serious complications under control in the future!


During all of this UC madness, we still had and have foster dogs/puppies all over the place!  K2 really showed what she was made of during my sickness too.  She, pretty much single-handedly, took care of 4 litters of puppies and me while still working and doing all of the other little stuff around the house that I couldn’t.  We definitely would not have made it through without all of her hard work and dedication!

Of course, I couldn’t write at all while this was going on, so we are seriously backed up with foster dogs that have been adopted and new additions that, I’m sure, you cannot wait to hear about!  I will be starting where we left off with the Christmas Movie puppers and going from there.  Stay tuned over the next few
days so that you can catch up with our mission to save as many dogs as possible!

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