The litte lady turned five!

I have no idea when that pudgy little bundle of cute turned into this smart, vibrant, kind young woman, but it must have been when I wasn’t paying attention.  It’s hard to believe that our little one is already five years old.  Monday this state of affairs came to be, and true to our nature, we had a blast!

14580562_10104322327088878_506973145_nThe morning started with Pokeball-Themed cupcakes and some birthday selfies.  The little lady got to share her birthday cupcakes with her friends from school and they even sang her happy birthday!

After school, as per usual, the little lady was pooped.  But, as any parent worth their salt knows, Baskin Robbins is FREE ice cream on your birthday! So we had to make a stop on our way home from Pre-K

After the ice cream run, we decided that a power nap was in order.  The little lady was faultering, and we new that the evening was going to require some serious energy.  I highly doubt that she actually needed a nap to make it through our planned adventure but, her parents did! K2 needed to put the final touches on her cake, and I needed to snuggle our dogs for a little bit!

The evening adventure that we had planned was none other than the place “where a kid can be a kid” and, let me tell you, the idea of playing games and hanging out with a giant mouse named Chuck E. Cheese was super exciting for me too!

We had a blast!  Scored tons of tickets, and even got to take some pictures with the mouse himself!

After all of the crazy fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s, we still had to do presents and cake!  K2 really outdid herself this year.  She made the little one a Pokeball-themed cake, but it had a hollow center.  Inside that center was an absurd amount of M&M’s and a PIKACHU ACTION FIGURE!!!

This meant that, when the little lady cut the cake, she would actually “catch” one of her favorite Pokemon as he came tumbling out! How stinkin’ cool is that??

Before we cut the cake, we had to sing happy birthday. To my surprise, the little lady blew out all her candles by herself. I happened to catch some pretty sweet pictures of her doing it too!

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday all around.  Looking forward to watching our little lady grow this next year!

Happy Birthday baby girl!